Welcome to Adult Learning: EPY 8070 (our class blog site is here)

We are going to use this wiki to develop resources and knowledge about a variety of topics related to adult learning during our class this spring. This wiki will remain viable indefinately. If you, dear reader, are so inclined, please add to this knowledge base in a positve and professional manner.

Our topics this semester and those responsible for developing the topics follows. We will be creating a page for each topic. You may navigate to the topic page using the Nav bar on your left.

Adult Learning Outline, Spring 2007
  • 1/18 Methodology -- Chuck
  • 1/25 Non Trads -- Laura Elizabeth Jennifer & Karen
  • 2/1 Speaker, You will be involved in the speakers presentation in a variety of ways
  • 2/8 Who are adult learners? -- Rhonda, Sandy, Jason, Jamie
  • 2/15 Barriers to Learning -- Elissa, Gwen, Susan
  • 2/22 SEPA (use this time to work on your term paper and our wiki site)
  • 3/1 Motivation/self-directed/.... -- Jerry, Beth, Garin, Dawn
  • 3/8 Cognition / S&P / .... -- Debbie, Gloria,
  • 3/15 spring break (use this time to work on your term paper and our wiki site)
  • 3/22 Theory/
  • adult Learning/Androgogy/....Jo, Sabrina, Sheryl, Wade, Jean date change
  • 3/29 Intelligence--Darbra, L:ori, Patsy Heather date change
  • 4/5 Int Conf on Teaching and Learning (use this time to work on your term paper and our wiki site)
  • 4/12 Linguistics / Metaphor -- Marianne Tom Errong
  • 4/19 Work on paper and finish the wiki site for your topic area
  • 4/26 Final Exam, Turn your term paper in by 5 p.m.

I have the following papers... who is missing?

Jamie Spinks – Who are adult learners

Laura Whitaker-Lea – Non-traditional student persistence: What can institutions do to make a difference?

Jennifer Collins – Non-traditional students: Access to education

Gwen Barnett – Situational barriers of Katrina: Implications of population displacement

Heather Marshall – The relationship between mathematics anxiety, perceived self-efficacy of pre-service elementary teachers, and implications for future teaching practices.

Susan Ferrell – Unlearning prejudice: Preparing teacher candidates for diversity in the classroom

Darbra Gaddis – Intelligence and creativity

Garin Berry – Service learning: Engagement with self-directed learning

Elissa Benjamin – Overcoming barriers to adult learning: A matter of disposition

Errong Lu – Linguistic theories and adults second language acquisition

Marianne Scott – Matters of metaphor

Sandy Steele – Parents as experiential learners

Debbie Barrineau – Cognition, Sensation, and perception in adult learning

Karen Weinmann – Post-secondary students with learning disabilities: The role of motivation and self-efficacy in their success

Sabrina K. May – Andragogy and self-directed learning

Jo Dinnan – transformative learning through cultural immersion experiences: Preparing school principals for leading latinos

C. Wade Pearce – Andragogy: A theory of adult learning

Patsy D. Lewis – Adult learning barriers mirrored in the human side of school change

Lori L. Chastain – The impact of aging and creativity on leadership

Gloria Perry – Cognition and adult learners

Beth Herbert – Teachers and professional learning

Dawn H Souter – Motivating teachers to learn

Elizabeth MacIntosh – Nontraditional students at the university: A unique population

Jerry Kelly – Teacher leadership motivators: Why do teachers choose to become leaders

Rhonda Hayes – Who are adult learners

Tom – somebody needs to make tom finish this paper so this class doesn’t finish him.

Sheryl L. Roesser – taking an IP